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One way to get rid of debt in a good way is to consolidate (merge) debts. With debt consolidation, all debts are placed in one new loan. This can then be paid off in a controlled manner. Such a loan is called consolidation loan.

Debts are not waived for debt consolidation. All debts must be paid in full. Only the urgent nature of the debts lapses. And with that the growth of reminder, reminder and bailiff costs. With debt consolidation, tht costs of arrears and debts are kept under control, making actual repayment possible again.

Debt consolidation can be a very good solution, but a number of conditions must be met. You can read which conditions are on the ‘ Conditions ‘ page. If these conditions can not be met, debt consolidation and the application for a consolidation loan are useless. In that case it is only about moving debt. The solution must then be sought in debt rescheduling processes.

Debt Consolidation

If the conditions can be met, a consolidation loan can offer a solution. A consolidation loan is a loan in which other loans, arrears and debts are settled. What exactly is a consolidation loan you can read on the page: What is a consolidation loan? With a financier you can see what amount is necessary and a payment plan can be drawn up. It is also possible to record the costs of the loan.

Many advantages

Although the consolidation loan is regularly applied in business, this is rare in the private world. Unfortunately, the consolidation loan is often still seen as a major risk. Because of prejudices about people with arrears and debts, many financiers do not jump to offer such loans. The regulations by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) do not make it easy to provide these loans. Too bad, because there are many advantages associated with this loan form.

For the creditors:

  • The bills are paid. There is no more uncertainty about whether payment will follow. The risk of a debt rescheduling process, in which parts of the receivables have to be written off, is prevented.
  • The money is readily available. There is no need for months to wait until the money is in. The money can quickly be used again for the company.

For the borrower:

  • Towering collection costs are prevented.
  • There is overview and peace, because the jumble of memories and reminders stops.
  • Financial space is created because ad-hoc all sorts of bills do not have to be paid at once.

For the financier:

  • A relationship of trust arises between the money lender and the financier, which can be exploited extra in the future.
  • The money lender is extra motivated to ensure timely payment.
  • Borrowing money, costs money! This also applies to a consolidation loan. The money lender can therefore earn money with this loan. 

For the economy:

  • The money lender creates room to participate in the economy in a ‘normal’ way. Additional purchases can be made on a limited scale, which can stimulate the economy as a whole.
  • The economic damage due to the amortization of receivables by companies is limited.
  • People with a financially quiet background are more productive, healthier and better motivated. 
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Debt Consolidation – Pay One Installment http://www.dixieatc.org/2019/02/01/debt-consolidation-pay-one-installment/ http://www.dixieatc.org/2019/02/01/debt-consolidation-pay-one-installment/#respond Fri, 01 Feb 2019 22:29:46 +0000 http://www.dixieatc.org/2019/02/01/debt-consolidation-pay-one-installment/



Do you have many Loans in progress and would you like a single installment to pay? The Debt Consolidation makes it possible to merge the installments of all the Loans by obtaining new liquidity, a single installment and a single deadline to be remembered.

  • 1 How can I pay a single installment?
  • 2 Consolidation in the presence of reports to the CRIF
  • 3 What are the advantages of a single installment?
  • 4 Better Assignment of the Fifth or Mortgage for a consolidation?
  • 5 Estimate to consolidate your debts in one installment


How can I pay a single installment?

How can I pay a single installment?

The payment of a single installment related to several loans in progress, is possible thanks to the “debt consolidation”. The consolidation makes it possible to accumulate the installments of all the Loans (including the loan), obtaining liquidity , a single deadline to remember and a single lighter monthly installment .

Loans consolidation is also meant for those who have requested Loans at higher rates , in this way they can replace them with more advantageous rates , without having to worry that the request will be rejected as a matter of over-indebtedness.

This financial solution requires some guarantees. Employees need a permanent contract and a seniority of at least 3 months. On the other hand, as far as retired persons are concerned, a maximum age of 90 is required and a pension that grants the possibility of making a loan.

In general, for debt consolidation, we normally proceed with the Fifth Loans , instead, for larger amounts we sometimes need a Mortgage .


Consolidation in the presence of reports to the CRIF

Consolidation in the presence of reports to the CRIF

To check your credit reputation, just request a CRIF request form . In the presence of reports to the CRIF, the possibility of requesting a consolidation will still be feasible.

The requirements that they will have to satisfy are only the majority age with a time contract or a pension. Due to the particular credit situation, a consolidation is what could give you more economic sustainability, extinguishing the Loans in progress and replacing them with Loans at a lower rate.


What are the advantages of a single installment?

What are the advantages of a single installment?

The advantages vary according to the cases of the requesting consumers, among these:

  • Lightest installment;
  • The only installment to pay;
  • Lower rate.

The payment of a single installment is meant for those who have more than one installment to pay and an unsustainability of monthly expenses. With this solution



Better Assignment of Fifth or Mortgage for a consolidation?

Better Assignment of Fifth or Mortgage for a consolidation?

For the consolidation, obviously the choice is based on the needs and the amount to be extinguished. With a mortgage you can get large sums of money to pay off debts and get more liquidity.

In the case of the Mortgage, however, greater guarantees will be required, such as a guarantor or a mortgage on a building. The sale will allow the customer to reach amounts up to € 70,000.00 without the need for additional guarantees.


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